Take a deep breath, relax and flow with the wisdom of your inner being

Alunco, which in Mapudungun (language of the Mapuche ethnic group) means “water reflection”, is one of the largest and most complete Spas in Latin America. An intimate and magnificent atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy yourself immersed in the spirit of the forest, the water and the mountains.
They are waiting for you years of steam, Jacuzzi, sauna and swimming pools of different sizes, inviting you to live a memorable experience.

Yoga room

The universal vibration will fill you with vitality

In a spectacular room with wooden floors and windows overlooking the forest, stretch, tone your body and relax your mind with certified integral Yoga teachers. Classes for men and women of all ages.

Classes every day.


Classes every day.

Challenge, discipline and perseverance, day by day

To train and do your exercise routines, we have a gym equipped with the best equipment: treadmills, bicycles, stair climbers, rowers and dumbbells. We are waiting for you in the east wing of the Hotel, opposite the nursery.

Capacity limited to 2 people.


From 07:00 to 20:00 hrs.